Our Programs

Our Programs

Repair Affair

Repair Affair is a project in partnership with the Remodelers Council of the Home Builders Association of Lexington. Repair Affair assists low-income, elderly homeowners with much needed exterior repairs to their home at no cost to the home owner. Without assistance, these family homes continue to deteriorate and can reach the point of becoming condemnable. The long-term implication of such neglect is the relocation of households to temporary housing or homelessness.


The Remodeling for Access and Mobility Program (RAMP) makes homes more accessible with the installation of ramps and/or other adaptations for low-income persons with disabilities and/or mobility impairments. Community volunteers and volunteers from the Remodelers Council construct accessible ramps or make other necessary exterior modifications, including installing wheelchair lifts.

One Parent Scholar House - Ownership Assistance

One Parent Scholar Home is a single-parent facility providing support services while the parent develops educational and family life skills. The Realtor-Community Housing Foundation assists graduates in purchasing their first home by providing up to $2,500 for their closing costs. These funds are made available through Realtor® donations. Upon graduation, Realtors® volunteer their time to assist the graduates in reaching their goal of homeownership.